Review of Foiling the Dragon

Title: Foiling the Dragon
Author: Susan Price
Rating: 3/5

This story started off well, a man snatched from our world into a medieval counterpart where magic works, knights are just a little thick, and not only do dragons exist, but he wants to be entertained. It was certainly different from my usual choices and quite funny in parts.
However, I feel, as I got into the second half that the pov started to waver. It wasn’t the switches that came with a scene change, but the dips from one to another within a scene during the last third of the book do start to grate. In some sections I had to re-read to figure out what just happened.

But the dragon was a hoot and spoke a little like yoda. The story may be from Paul’s pov, but it’s worth reading for the dragon scenes alone.

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