A short story at last

I’ve attempted so many times to write a short story. It seems so easy doesn’t it? Just write a little instead of a lot.


My mind has this unnerving habit of expanding what I’ve got. Tease it out to a massive amount (my WIP’s) until it can’t even be classed as a novella. The last time I tried, I got a 20k word story. Short by my definition, long by short story standards. Worse still, the old muse got to work and made a sequel, and a sequel to that sequel (hence The Unborn triad style story was born).

But this time, I’ve finally cracked it. At just over 1200 words, short it is. And though the style is different to my normal type, a story it surely is.
I know some people recommend waiting and looking over things, the old edit and rewrite bit. But, while I’ve tweaked out all the spelling mistakes, that horrible tendency to expand kicks in whenever I run an editing eye over things. Heck, I do it when I’m just reading a piece of mine.
So this little piece has been sent off to Tor.com. Yes, it means waiting several months (six I believe), but I don’t mind and if it’s accepted then ‘hoorah’.

We’ll see. One way or the other, I’ll have my name in print whether through my Ultimate Goal or via side quests, it will be done.

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