40,000 words – A Draw? Nah

Last time I was umming and ahhing about which would come first: Forty thousand words or the end of chapter seventeen.
Well, late last night, as I neared the last bit of the chapter, ‘Dragon‘ broke the forty thousand mark. Near three hundred words short of the end. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!
Now I’m four hundred words into the next chapter, staring at the finish line sitting just by the sixty thousand mark. My new goal now is to make it that far before the end of the story. Or at least close to it. Knowing me and my tendency to expand to the point of over-expanding (which then requires the heavy duty pruners come editing time), I may go over, though not by much.
After that comes the happy prospect of editing, revising and editing again (and another just for good measure). For me, that requires my trusty laptop and an empty room where I can speak each sentence aloud without any funny looks.

But for now … look out sixty thousand words. I’m coming for ya!

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