Review of Eric

Title: Faust Eric
Author: Terry Pratchett
Rating: 4/5

Powered through this one in three days. As ever, the Discworld characters are a hoot to read about and this had me giggling through much of the story for one reason or the other.
Good to see Rincewind is finally out of the Dungeon Dimensions again, though what he’s been dragged into isn’t much better. Eric, a 13-year-old demonologist, is cute in his naivety about the wider world. Yet he still insists on his three wishes and what happens next is just hilarious.
First we get him wanting to be ruler of the world: Which ends in a run-in with Terry’s take on Aztecs and their end-of-the-world-mythology. And there’s a little imp … named Quezovercoatl. ^_^
Next is wanting to meet the most beautiful woman in the world: This has us landing smack in the battle for Pseudopolis (Discworld’s Troy, wooden horse and all). He gets quite a shock there, the world’s more beautiful woman is a mother of seven as well. Though I still wasn’t sure how that no longer made her beautiful. -_-
Lastly, living forever: Failure to mention “from this point on” get them flung back to the beginning of time. There’s an upside to that, at least I thought it was, they got to meet the creator. And, according to one small paragraph, life started from an egg and cress sandwich. (How weird would that be for it to have been right? LOL!)
But even then, their adventure isn’t finished. After entering hell, where the eternal punishment is bored, they must come head-to-horns with Astfgl (seriously how does one pronounce that?). But the ending does seem to get a little muddled but in an ‘omg, I can’t believe that just happened’ kind of way.
Still, there seemed to be something missing from this. As if the ending was wrapped up a little too fast. Ah well, onto Moving Pictures.

2 thoughts on “Review of Eric

  1. Since the wish took them there, she was still the most beautiful woman in the world, by definition. But Eric was an inexperienced 13-year-old boy – he couldn't perceive it.


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