Dragon, DOM & A New Weekly Thing

Dragon overtook the 60k mark yesterday. As such, it’s beginning its wind down period. Two and a half chapters left to go (probably will be two by the weekend, if not today). Which brings me to the ever present problem of ‘what next?’

Well, obviously there’s editing to be done, but while I’m serious about the editing process and will examine my work several times (at least three), editing is ‘night work’ and my muse finds it a shade on the boring side. Fortunately, I’ve already got WiPs in progress.
I was thinking about doing a fresh overhaul of Witch of Morthin followed by its sequel.

But, dilemma, a shiny new plot presented itself to me some weeks back. And while I’ve been tinkering with it on the odd occasion – world-building and the like – while I write Dragon, I am certain that I cannot hold back typing this for one whole story, let alone two.

So onward to The Dark One’s Mistress! DOM for short. And I shall be endeavouring to stick to the one point of view for this one. If I succeed, it’ll be a first for me. I like popping into different character’s heads, especially when one character has information the other doesn’t. Even The Unborn has more than one point of view, short though the other two are.
But wait, a new story requires a new plot, conflicts, places (check, check and check). Most importantly for a new world, it needs new characters.
I do so love new characters, they let me do things like this with them:

Clarabelle (She looks like a nice sorta gal, eh?)

So what is Dark One’s Mistress about?
In short: DOM is all about Clarabelle. That’s why I’m sticking to a one person point of view, I think it’ll work great for this. ^_^
Now I write in a pantsing semi-outlined kind of way, so I’m only certain of a few things at this very moment, like the big picture. And the end. I need an end to write towards, of course.
Back to what DOM is about … as I said, it’s about a seventeen year old, sarcastic, young woman who’s champing at the bit to leave her village and see the world. She gets a little more than she bargained for when she’s chosen by the village’s new Lord to be his mistress.


Now for the new weekly thing: Characters. More specifically my characters.
I know I’m not the only one obsessed with crafting an image of one’s imaginary people, be it for future reference or pure fun. My obsession has left me with 150+ images just kicking round my computer (I’ve seven stories after all, even if most are WiPs).
So tomorrow, that is my tomorrow, shall be my first Introducing post. Basically, a picture and a few words about who (or what) they are.

You have been warned.

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