Introducing …

Right then, Introducing post. So here’s the deal … there’ll be an image, a name, what story they’re in, their status within said story and bit about them.
Since it’s the first post, I thought it fitting to start with a character from my first story.


Name: Friskal/Frisk
Story: The Rogue King Saga – The Shadow Prince
Status: Rich Merchant’s Son

This boy/young man started off as a ‘comic relief’. A fool who was slightly scatty and would say the right thing in the wrong way, yet you couldn’t help but love. This sort of outlook changed as he got less foolish with each rewrite. Especially once the quest began and he started to stand out like an elephant in a flock of flamingos.
Though I couldn’t bring myself to wipe his slate completely clean. He kept his lovable element, but it’s less goofy and more roguishly dense. This got mixed with his original, unwavering loyalty to one’s friends and his tendency to be a bit of a twit.
On top of that, he became an unexpected charmer of ladies. He never mastered board games though. Strategy just wasn’t his forte.

Modifying the texture around his eye and ears was a pain, and the tips of his ears are meant to be floppy …

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