Review of Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett

Title: Witches Abroad
Author: Terry Pratchett
Rating: 5/5

Like Moving Pictures was to Hollywood, Witches Abroad is to fairytales. Only a lot more funny, and everything is fair game.
It starts off as it ends, with fairy godmothers, specifically the death of one, leading to the snowballing that is the witches three (Nanny, Granny and Magrat) to travel from there cosy homes in Lancre and see to some godmothering duties in the strange town of Genua. Parts of it remind me of that movie the Frog Princess, right down to the voodoo. And then there’s Baron Saturday to top it all off.

The main focus there is around the non-marriage of Ella (otherwise known as Embers. Emberella if you will.) to a rather slimy guy who has interesting sleeping habits. But many hilarious events take place before the trio arrive there. Bulls, wolves, sleeping princesses, red hoods and falling houses included.

Small wonder I sped through it all in one day. Though being sick also helps. And I feel a little sad to be leaving the Discworld due to my inability to find a cheap copy of Small Gods.

6 thoughts on “Review of Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett

  1. No, don't give up! Small Gods is one of the best.

    My discworld collection waits now for my son to get old enough to read them (will be a while as he is only 2.5) But I stopped at book 22 as it is the last to star Rincewind. He is my favorite character second only to Cohen. Death comes a close third, but then death always does.


  2. The Colour of Magic and its twin The Light Fantastic (you really need to read them one after the other to get the whole story) are rather rough. But then I'm sure I read somewhere that Pratchett sort of pants the whole two books ('where' is gonna bug me all day now). If it's true, the writing fits in with that outlook.
    Equal Rites is far better as a proper taste of Discworld if you want to go chronologically. Or Mort. He seems to have gotten into the swing of things as it were.
    I'm bias on this though; I like Granny almost as much as I like Death.


  3. Hey there.
    I used to go too quite a few libraries, but at $2 for two weeks, I decided that, unless it's absolute dribble, I'm keeping every book I read. Many of which can be gotten in the $1-4 range.

    For now, I'm attacking my Terry Brooks books instead. Just gone through the first chapter of Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold.
    If I get through that series without finding Small Gods on the cheap, I'm not adverse to buying at full price. Had to with Eric.


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