Introducing …

It’s that time again.

Name: Lady Mara
Story: Dragon
Status: Knight

You know those old women who, when faced with uncertainty in young people, always take charge and somehow manage to order everyone around? The one’s who would, on occasion, chew some king’s ear out?
To me, that’s Mara. At least, in this story, it’s Mara.
She’s not exactly what you can call all that big a character in the scope of things – in fact, she’s only in six/seven chapters and mentioned briefly in another three – but, as it often is with minor characters, it’s what she does when she is there.

I’m actually quite proud about this particular image. Took me a while, but I finally got just the right kind of regal elegance and … er … oldness that I was going for.
Is it strange that I, a gal barely out of her first quarter of a century, can connect with a three hundred year old granny? Hmm …

4 thoughts on “Introducing …

  1. It's great that you can create images like that. She does look very dignified, and not to be messed with!

    Also, if you stop by my blog, I have left you an award.


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