65,000 words and we’re done!

The end is no longer nigh. It has come and gone.
This evening, after much back-and-forth sending of my daughter to feed and play with the pet lamb, I finally managed to type the end sentence of Dragon.
I honestly thought this one would’ve been done at sixty thousand, sixty-one thousand words tops.
But no, several of the chapters snowballed passed the rough ‘around 2500 words’ cap I aim for. It’s a very rough guide. After all my ‘if it don’t fit, don’t force it’ attitude has me with one chapter nearing four thousand words (it’s the climax of the book, they tend to get away from me).
This last chapter has been hanging on to the bitter end. I doubted it could reach a decent five hundred. It did. Not quite reaching a thousand.
So what happens now my beloved story has reached its conclusion (the third to be fully written) and joins the ‘done’ pile? Why the editing begins! If this story follows the current trend of all my stories, it should gain another thousand or so words.

Now, seeing I edit better with a hard copy, all I need is some darn ink for my printer. -_-

7 thoughts on “65,000 words and we’re done!

  1. As a soldier in the writer campaign, I salute you. I also had a chapter run away from me. Since I too watch my chapter word count closely (2k words or less is my preference), I will split it into two chapters.

    Best wishes on your writing.


  2. Hey Alan. ^_^
    My first story (the first one I wrote, not published) has chapters around the 4500 mark, with the biggest, at 6800 words each, being chapters 15 & 35. She's a huge one though, 186k all up. -_-
    I've got a her chapter/his chapter style going on in 'Dragon' though, so splitting wasn't an option. And, as I said … word count goals are very rough guides for me. ^_^


  3. ^_^ Thank you and yes, finishing a story is a wonderful feeling.
    But it's also a little sad to leave a world I've had floating around for so long.
    Thank goodness I've other WiPs in need of some love.


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