Editing Headclunk

I always end up groaning when I edit. Eye rolling tends to happen a lot as well.
Not because I hate editing, I actually quite like the chance to read (and re-read) my stories from one end to the other. I write each one for my enjoyment, after all.
No, it’s because every single time I pick up that stack of A4 papers, some error will leap out at me.
It’s not even the big ones that bother me. And I’ve had sentences that not only have important words missing, but some are not even anywhere near in the right order. Fortunately they’re no longer as common as most were the product of late night typing.
Everything makes sense at 2am. Trust me.
It’s the stupid errors (like it instead of in) that leave me grumbling, wondering how that could’ve happened. In the past, I think I must have spelled the in every way possible (not so much now thanks to MS Word). I just can’t seem to spot them on a screen no matter how hard I try. Which is odd, because I can pick them up easy as in other people’s work. -_-
I’ve attempted some of the tricks out there, like reading the manuscript out of sync, and reading it backwards from sentence to sentence (whoever came up with that … it was exhausting).
Reading aloud helps, but I need to have a quiet space. And that leads me to editing from a hard copy.
Gimme a pen, leave me be and I’ll chew through that sucker in no time (In the last couple of days I’ve gone through 23 chapters). I’ll get most of the little mistakes on the first run (I say most because there’s always one or two that slip by).
But I still can’t point out the it that should be an in on screen.

6 thoughts on “Editing Headclunk

  1. Oh yes, I've plenty of WiPs kicking round (four at the moment). I believe one should always let the finished story sit for a while between edits anyhow. Fresh mind and all that.
    But I'm the kind of person who re-reads stories I like anyhow, and add that to the fact I like what I write (why would I write something I hate?) … editing isn't too bad. ^_^


  2. I think read somewhere that reading from a hard copy triggers certain things in the mind. Or something … I read it quite a long while ago, so I could be wrong.
    Either way, I think that's how it works with me.


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