Still Kicking – Free Sample

The story of The Rogue King has been with me for many years now, fourteen to be precise.
Fourteen years of writing and editing the same story. First in first person, then a rewrite in third. All the time adding more and more.
It is my baby. Because of this, only a few have ever read the entire thing. I’m very picky about who sees my writing in the feotal form.
But seeing that my ultimate goal is to have it published then I’ve somehow known the time would eventually arrive for me to let that iron grip of mine loosen.
Unfortunately, some believe I may have written an unpublishable novel.
I often ask myself is such a thing can exist. The answer always seems to be a very admonishing no. Through all those years, I’ve never once thought to put aside this story.

Dragonfall Press has the first four chapters of The Rogue King availiable, for free, so people can read and decide for themselves. In their words: “your feedback will help decide if it is released as a full-length novel.”

They would like to know two things:
If you would like to see in in paperback and eBook form.
If you would recommend it to a friend.

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