Introducing …

Name: Vigil
Story: The Unborn Trilogy – Golden Dawn
Status: Second in the Fortress’ Chain of Command

It’s not easy being a guy like Vigil. Not only is he perpetually surrounded by middle children (and is also one of them), but he’s got an older half-brother who’s fanatical about an angel’s spirit and an undead twin sister who’s just plain crazy.
That being said, he seems to be one of the saner ones in this story. Though he’s supposed to be second in command and therefore issues orders right enough, he and his sister always tend to turn up as a pair. At least, they do where one of them is concerned.
Personally, between the two of them, I think his sister might actually be the boss. ^_~

I tried going for some sternness, but it didn’t seem like Vigil so his posing mood took over instead. Which is fine by me, he’s not 100% serious as it is. Although, I cannot for the life of me remember what in the name of those above I was thinking when I did the background on this. All I know is that, despite the vice, it’s not a torture room. There’s not enough blood and they don’t do torture in the fortress anyhow. At least, not the physical kind.
Just don’t ask what’s in the cup.

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