Introducing …

Name: Durel/Typhoon
Story: The Rogue King Saga – The Rogue King
Status: Rogue

Do you have one of those minor characters who, for whatever reason, you know their entire background? Well, Durel, or Typhoon as he’s called in the story, became one of those.
It started out with me simply trying to find the reason behind him being insane (yes, I know, more insanity. They aren’t all crazy, honest).
Once I had the reason for that (which is pretty messed up and would snap any mind), I then turned to how he got into that situation in the first place, which led to more background (and a revelation). Virtually zilch of that info went into the story, but then not all research needs to, just as long as you know the reasons and can whip’em out when needed.
Plus, the story isn’t about this particular messed up lizardman.

I’m actually quite pleased with how the image came out. Nevertheless, I’m a little miffed I couldn’t get the ‘killing claws’ on those feet quite how I wanted them, but I’d enough trouble getting these to work without trying to find (then buy) a decent Velociraptor model which may or may not co-operate.

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