Review of Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold! by Terry Brooks

Title: Magic Kingdom For Sale – Sold!
Author: Terry Brooks
Rating: 3/5

This starts off slower than the other stories I’ve been reading lately. Which wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t taken a few chapters of umming and ahhing until we reached Landover. It’s not that I mind not being thrown into the action, in fact I like a good lead up. But when it takes two chapters for him to decide to buy the kingdom, then drags me halfway through third chapter before he get there … I was literally screaming at the book for the first two chapters “It’s called ‘Magic Kingdom For Sale – Sold’, you nitwit! For goodness sake, buy it already!” Thankfully, I don’t read in public places. ^_^
Things sped up a little after he reached Landover, though there were a few dull patches, it’s an overall good balance between action and the internal doubt Ben has for his position. The struggles, both the mental and the physical, were interesting and, sometimes, very cleverly dealt with (other times, Ben’s a diggleberry who deserves a good slappin’, but that’s just my opinion).
There are a few things that happen that are just plain strange. Perhaps that’s because I’m not all for the “you’ve spotted me, I’ve fallen in love, now I’m yours, take me” idea of how he meets his ‘lover’. In fact, the whole scene feels a little odd to me.
The ending … well, I always knew he was going to win; it’s the first in a series, after all, so I expected it. But the ending felt a little too predictable and easy.

That being said, I’m still looking forward to reading the next book.

Side note: It may just be my version (published year 1988), but I can’t recall having read a book with so many spelling mistakes as this one. Makes me feel a little better about my various, late-night misspells of ‘the’. ^_^

2 thoughts on “Review of Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold! by Terry Brooks

  1. No, I had not.
    But then I'm still a little leary of eBooks and I've all of Brooks' earlier works (including the 1st Edt HB of Sword of Shannara). The rest have slowly been coming to me through second-hand shops.
    And when I can pay one to three bucks for a hard copy that I can sell on if I don't like, I'm a tough sell for eBooks. What ones I do own I've won.


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