Introducing …

Name: Lady Aaluna
Story: Dragon
Status: Knight

Ah, foreign, pretty, honey-haired Aaluna.
I can sum up this girl with just two words. Dragon crazy.
They’ve a name for the kind of creature her dragon is too: human lover.
This woman somehow managed to usurp my world building for a time. So much so that I could’ve done a whole story (well, a short story at the very least) of how she got where she is. It was fun having her about and I do which there’d been more space for her in the plot, but she really wasn’t needed for much more than one chapter. 

Technically, seeing that she’s pregnant in the story, I should’ve made her so in the image. But, if I’m to be honest, it was hard enough getting it like this and, by the time I remembered her current state, I couldn’t be bothered redoing it.
Consider it as having been done before/after the pregnancy, that’s what I do. ^_^

Note: The little, purple feathers in her hair (yes they are purple, just dark) are from her dragon.

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