Introducing …

Name: Erik
Story: The Unborn Trilogy – Silver Moon
Status: Demon Hunter

When I first imagined Erik, I pictured him as some stern hunter that kicked demon butt and didn’t care what happened. Slay and leave certainly seems to be the norm for paranormal exterminators. I mean, would they really care what happens to the immediate environment once what they’ve come to kill is dead?
Then his son sort of popped up and the image wavered somewhat, adding another layer.
Anyhow, a demon hunter hunts demons. It’s always been the right thing to do, after all. So what does a guy do when faced with a situation he’s not been trained to deal with?
Time to call on one higher up in the chain of command, methinks.

I actually picked the name based on the geographical location of his birth. But then the story doesn’t exactly hit you over the head with historic points and realism sort of flew out the window with the hodgepodge attire I imagined he’d have (no doubt accumulated from the various places he’s travelled to).

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