Introducing …

Name: Cesei
Story: The Rogue King Saga – The Rogue King
Status: Nomad

Cesei first popped up in a single sentence spoken by Honny. Something must have wriggled loose from the dark recesses of my mind that houses the oddities known as my stories, for that’s when her name sprouted again from the mouth of another.
Before I knew exactly how I was going to do it, I realised I had to type her up in the flesh, so to speak. So came the gal who would be Koral’s – the Main Character – “teen” crush. It was fun to write the exchanges between the pair and, what with having already done the rest of the story with a much older and more confident man (especially when it came to women), it was also an absolute delight to reduce him to a blushing, stuttering heap of a boy.
You won’t believe the amount of wicked giggling I did while editing that piece. Not the first time I’ve been glad I edit while alone.

I did this one while writing the scene with her in it, just to help me stay focused between the near-silent chuckling. Hence I attempted to capture the essence of what Koral, barely a teenager, saw when he looked upon Cesei, a far more mature young woman. (Think twelve-year-old boy ogling nineteen-year-old girl.)

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