Review of Small Gods by Terry Pratchett

Title: Small Gods
Author: Terry Pratchett
Rating: 5/5

Dense yet clever prophets, scary yet stupid inquisition, a god stuck as a tortoise and an eagle who really needs to find something else to eat. At the centre of this divine cyclone is the Great God Om. ^_^
I really like Om. He’s a guy who’s used to being large and in charge in his part of the world, then he wakes up in the middle of an attempt to be made into lunch (eagle, enter stage left) to find himself as a tortoise. Which is just plain crazy as it is. Forget about people trying to eat him – apparently, “there’s good eating on one of those” – but no one can hear him. Except for Brutha.
Poor, poor Brutha. This fellow, who only wants to be left alone, can’t seem to stop hearing Om. Both his amazing memory and the god put him in some rather sticky situations. The stickiest of all being trapped with Vorbis. The bad guy of this story.
And what a very bad man he is. His demise, which was inevitable really, could’ve happened any number of times and each time he lived, left me waiting for someone to do him in. The way it which he does die is quite laughable really. But satisfying. While I like bad guys to be bad, I love it even more when they get got.
Of course, Death pops up on occasion throughout the story before then. Though I’m a major fan of the black robed guy, it was the piece after a ship had sunk, that had me unable to stop laughing for a good few minutes. ^_^
But back to Om and Brutha. It was in the last few pages, between the banter of god and prophet and where what was to be a battle among human turned into a fight among the gods, that really had me liking this small god. Bit sad that there’ll be no more of him conversing with Brutha though, I’d been seeing them as pair right up until the end there.

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