Introducing …

Name: Viola
Story: The Unborn Trilogy – Golden Dawn
Status: Servant (of sorts)

Really not sure where Viola came from and there isn’t really much I can say about her.
Except for one thing: she creeps me out. I’ve a strong feeling that I need to bathe every time I think on her too long. At the very least, that girl needs to bathe.
Though her name’s not mentioned at the time, she’s the first one to meet Herald (the Main Character) when he arrives home. Now there’s a welcome for you.
Her name comes from the genus of the flower, not the instrument. ^_~

I’ve redone this image a bunch of times and still wish I’d got her hair to look lankier. It still seems a little … foofy to me. And, now I look at it, I wish her teeth were a little more obvious. They need more attention than brushing could ever do.

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