Introducing …

Name: Ssskerf
Story: The Rogue King Saga – The Shadow Prince
Status: Royal Guard

Ssskerf started off a completely different species and with a slightly different name. Being a scene character, I decided I just couldn’t do another generic lizard-man (they’re so darn common in this world, ergo there are so many already that needed to be what they were), so Kerf got turned into a snake-man and became Ssskerf instead.
I like snakes. Really wish I could actually see a live one (there are none in New Zealand that I know of, dead or alive, not even in the zoos).

It’s pouring when he arrives, it’s pouring in the image (Enlarge and look at the cobbles, you can just spot it). I’m actually quite proud of the atmosphere, just wish I could’ve made the rain a little easier to see.
His armour really should be trimmed in gold, but … well, let’s say I really admire all those who texture the 3D models. And no, his tail’s not meant to be plated. How could he possibly slither with such a hindrance?

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