Introducing …

Name: Eleanor Vale
Story: Aelfah
Status: Mother

I think every mother is a little paranoid that something will happen to their daughters. Especially to those who spend most nights being out late. Doubly so when you can’t get hold of them on their flat mobile phones. >_>
For ages, she was “Aly’s mother” or “Mrs. Vale”, but I wanted a first name for her, even if it never got into the story. I needed that name to help me understand her better.
So there I was, sitting at the computer, trolling through name databases. All the time thinking “What is her name? What sounds right?” That’s the crucial factor for me. It has to feel right to me, otherwise I cringe whenever I think of them.
Now I occasionally have a music channel going on the TV. I did on this day. I wasn’t paying much attention to what was being sung at all, but a certain song came on as I was asking those questions. Two words piercing into the murk of my thoughts. “Eleanor Rigby.” (Yep, that song by none other than The Beatles.)
Now, she doesn’t mirror the song, and I dismissed it at first. But the name stuck and she became Mrs. Eleanor Vale. ^_^

Seeing that she spends so much of the story angry at, or disappointed in, her children, I wanted a calmer, less stressed, picture of her. Personally, I think she could be a little more relaxed.

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