Review of Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett

Title: Men At Arms
Author: Terry Pratchett
Rating: 5/5

I quite love a good mystery plot, so long as they’re not too thick. But I’ve a nasty habit of, when wanting to know something now, flicking further on into the book. This is true of anything I read. Sometimes I’ll find I’ve already read certain scenes two or three times before I’ve even gotten near that section of the book.
So I prefer to watch mysteries rather than read’em. Then again, on the odd occasion that I do, it’s only on TV. Anything I can skim forward and find the answer won’t keep my interest long.
Especially if the plot goes something like is: someone got killed (fair enough), investigators waffle on about this and that and who’s dating what. Either start hunting for the criminal or tell me who did it, already. *fast-forward*
Yet there’s something about Men at Arms that invites me to keep reading straight through. I’m not sure if it’s Vimes or Carrot that draw me most, it’s sure as anything not Nobby (though, he’s got a strange sort of charm), but I’ve a sneaky suspicion that it might be a combo of the two. And there’s the added bonus that I, just through reading the beginning, already know who did some of the crimes pretty early on (no, I won’t tell you who).
Then there’s Angua …

I’m liking her, a lot. In particular, the way she’s portrayed with a paw, I mean foot, firmly planted on both sides of what she is and she uses it to the Watch’s advantage. I particularly like how the sense of smell is portrayed with colours. ^_^ And her relationship with Carrot was … unexpected. Not the relationship itself, mind, the way it starts. Though how he found out she was a werewolf was quite amusing.

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