Introducing …

Name: Betula
Story: The Unborn Trilogy – Golden Dawn
Status: Servant (of sorts)

This is one gal you don’t want to trust with your drink. But isn’t that usually true of anyone who messes with herbs of any type? Her name comes from the genus for a birch tree, which, to my knowledge, I’ve never actually seen in the bark before. Even now I’m surrounded by pines and gum trees. My childhood home had the added patches of manuka and the odd giant kanuka. I hadn’t even seen an oak until I was in my late teens.
But back to Betula herself … I see her as the sort of person who’s led along by her sisters. She certainly doesn’t have much pagetime in the story itself. Two scenes, probably. But two important scenes.

I contemplated several images for her. This one sort of fell out of the program while I tinkered.

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