Hello, week? Can I have a redo?

Gah, this week has been perhaps one of the most annoying starts of December I’ve had in a while.
Let’s start with Sunday: One of my poor car’s belts (of which there are three) decided to snap. It wouldn’t have been so bad. But, yeah, it’s a Sunday. No mechanic open to head to. We got replacement belts (yay) and I thought everything would be fine. Yet, on the way to my other half’s father’s place (to put on the belts), the temperature gauge went haywire.
Yep, the belt that broke was the one that drove the water pump. Sure enough, the radiator blew just as the house we’re aiming for came into view. But that bang we heard wasn’t the cap, oh no, it couldn’t be just the cap. The whole top of the radiator decided to split.
Hoy! -_-
Don’t know how long it’ll be until we’ll get that fixed. Though I’m glad there was a spare car. It’s my father’s which means it’s completely rubbish to drive and thirsty as heck, but you can’t be without transport here. My daughter wouldn’t get to school for one, never mind the food-buying issues.

And then there’s my other half’s Ute. Happened yesterday. It’s kind of funny compared to mine. Mine was a horror that I pray will never be repeated. His was an accident.
In short, a digger smooshed the front.

The damage? Crushed the bumper and grill, bent the hood, folded the top of the radiator (I sense a trend, December. Do you just hate radiators? Is that it?) and the cowling round the fan had to be ripped away so the fan could actually turn. It really looks like it should be in a junk yard.

*sigh* Ah well, December, you’ve probably yet to do your worst.

Just wish you’d hurry up and give me January.

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