Ten thousand words ain’t all bad.

Yup, Dark One’s Mistress skipped over the ten thousand mark. And it happened a chapter before I thought it would. ^_^

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, if this works, I will have done two things: sticking to one point of view and, basically, trying to keep the same level of action in a limited travelling area. I’ve a bad track record in both. Though I’ve attempted the former before in The Unborn, I couldn’t stop myself from switching pov’s for the three ‘epilogues’. It was necessary for that novel. I’ve two main characters sharing the narration in Dragon and three in The Rogue King.
It’s whether the latter holds up over fifty/sixty words. Part of me thinks I may be getting just a bit too over my head there. Guess I’ll just have to see how it goes. It’s a rather large citadel, so all should be okay, but then again my main character travelled two levels in a paragraph. It all depends on what’s more important at the time, I suppose.

But, at the moment, the one pov is going quite well for me. I’ve gotten a good number of words out of it, anyhow. ^_^

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4 thoughts on “Ten thousand words ain’t all bad.

  1. I’m a fan of multiple pov’s and they always say to write what you like. I usually have a number of characters that meet, then end up separated (for a variety of reasons).
    Using my last story, Dragon, as an example: The catalyst MC has no clue why she’s being taken, the other MC does and in alternating between them, the reader gets the full picture on reasons and the general behaviour. If I did it all through her side, I don’t believe it would’ve worked as well. It would seem too much like “and this suddenly happened” (which is something I’m working hard to make sure doesn’t crop up in DOM).
    The two, or more, views sort of harks to my reader side in being the only one who knows more about what’s going on than the characters. But I’m not into omniscient pov’s, unless they’re amusing and well-placed. ^_^ Give me third person limited any day.


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