Introducing …

Name: Tarpas
Story: Witch of Morthin
Status: Count of Pafferdale

Now here’s a long suffering man with an overbearing wife and a son who doesn’t want to inherit his title. He started off as a distant figure, someone who was only occasionally referenced, but it soon became apparent that he, along with his wife, would have to come to the foreground before Witch of Morthin’s sequel.
I honestly have no idea where his name came from. It was quite a long time ago and I think I may have just randomly tapped keys until I got something I liked.

As usual, I spent more time on the animal than the person (who I knocked up in a few minutes). With me using my old, departed, horse as the inspiration for this one, I think I’ve a good reason. ^_^
Originally, the horse had full armour on, but I think this looks a little more relaxed in a “lord going for a midday ride” sort of way.

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