Review of Soul Music by Terry Pratchett

Title: Soul Music
Author: Terry Pratchett
Rating: 3/5

Maybe I had too much of an expectation for this one, but I found it lacking … something. Of those I’ve read with Death in the forefront, I certainly enjoyed Mort and Reaper Man better than this.
Perhaps it’s Susan. The way she goes through most of the story, just accepting whatever comes her way with the same rational and impassionate stance starts to grate after a while. I think the true her shines when she lets some emotion come through while talking to her grandfather. And the story definitely got more interesting as it neared the last third and tested her limitations more and more.
Death (did I tell you I’m a fan?) is quite amusing in places while he seeks out a way to forget through joining a foreign legion, then drinking and finally joining some of Discworld’s  more eccentric homeless people. And I loved the change of manner when we meet a younger, haughtier, version of him. One that hasn’t been through all he did in Reaper Man. The whole swing in the apple tree mindset seems totally plausible.
And there’s the Grim Squeaker. How can you not love him?
Then there’s Imp y Celyn, otherwise known as Buddy, and his Band with Rocks in. I get what it’s all about, but I found it a bit of a chore to read through these scenes when it reached the middle. After being warned something dire would happen to them, I got bored waiting for something to happen. Which isn’t a great attitude to be in when half the book is about them. Though their affect on the wizards, especially the Dean, was amusing.
Note: the scene on the cover is near at the end and really made the whole book worthwhile. ^_^

4 thoughts on “Review of Soul Music by Terry Pratchett

  1. I used to think they were silly. Took my hubby's interest in them (he likes the stories with the Watch in'em) to get me into the whole series.
    Now I've officially taken over our, nearly complete, collection. ^_^


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