Introducing …

Name: Lord Laiyn
Story: Dragon
Status: Knight

A lot, roughly 75%, of the human characters from my original plot of Dragon got the chop. I went through the cast like some madwoman, knocking characters down with manic gusto.
Being bound to Jaimin – one of the Main Characters – it was only natural that Laiyn would be one of a handful that survived.
His name didn’t. It used to be Lain.
He was also younger. Mid-twenties, maybe early thirties. (He’s in his mid-sixties here. What? Can’t you tell? ^_^)
He, like his dragon, got older. A lot older. He gained a family, but managed, somehow, to keep the same humour. Strange that. He’s had more experiences, suffered through more loss and different trials, yet he still kept the humour. Guess he’s got more to laugh at now. Or less, depending on your point of view.

I quite like the light in this one. It is one of my weak points, so I’m glad it came out looking more-or-less like it’s partially lit from the fireplace.

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