Introducing …

Name: Eltina
Story: The Rogue King Saga – The Shadow Prince
Status: Mistress of Magic at the Draconic Estate Academy

Yes, there’s an academy in The Rogue King.
Yes, it does happen to teach its pupils magic.
No, it is not a magic academy.
Eltina is one of the few non-predator-based characters in this story (the other being avian). Not that I’d suggest saying she was prey. Anyone who can pick you up and throw you the length of your average block then flay you alive while not moving a muscle is certainly not to be considered as prey. Not for long, anyway. Not if you’re wise.
Yet, despite her station, she’s not all that magical from the point of view of what she can do. Control over air doesn’t sound all that tough. It’s not like fire which can burn you, or earth that can crush you, or even water which could drown you.
Then you remember that air equals wind and that wind can do things like put a stick through sheet metal. And she’s very adept at making such a finicky thing do as it’s told. Just like she is with her students.
After all, teenagers are the same no matter where, or what, they are. ^_^

It took me the best part of the day just to configure her clothing, no kidding there. Literally hours trying to manipulate various pieces of virtual cloth. So naturally, I’m jazzed on how this turned out. ^_^
On the other hand, there are others waiting in the wings …

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