Introducing …

Name: Katarina
Story: Dark One’s Mistress
Status: Councillor’s Daughter

Of the five women I shoved into the carriage, I’d already a short and angry tomboy; a meek giantess of a girl; a title-grubbing snob; and the reluctant Main Character – Clarabelle.
So into this fray, I did shove Caring Katarina.
She’s the bleeding heart of the village who, despite her privileged upbringing, opts to spend her days trying to better the lives of the less fortunate, both human and animal. She is the one considered as the best fit to be the Lord’s Mistress by everyone (except the man himself, of course) and only one willing to accept the burden if she is so chosen.

I tried to capture the perpetual state of sereneness she seems to be in. But I’m sure she’s been into those mushrooms instead.

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