Introducing …

Name: Victor
Story: The Unborn Trilogy – Crimson Night & Silver Moon
Status: Blacksmith

There was always going to be a blacksmith. Don’t know what it is about them, but whenever I read a story with one in it, they tend to be well … honest. Not always nice, or even friendly. Just honest. I tried to put some of that rugged frankness into Victor.
Personally, anyone who can routinely swing a heavy hammer can act how they want. O_O

Yeah, I couldn’t resist doing this one. I suppose, realistically, he should be wearing something on the top half, but where’s the fun in that? ^_^

4 thoughts on “Introducing …

  1. Oh, yes, I’d certainly opt for an apron on top of that shirt. A thick leather one.
    But then I suppose, seeing that the horseshoe’s not glowing and you can pound one without it sparking (at least, our local blacksmith can when cold-shoeing), he could get away with it just this once, yeah?
    That’s my excuse. ^_^


  2. I never realized that there was such a trend for honest blacksmiths, until you pointed it out, and now I cant think of a case when they weren't. Maybe its that kinda thing where you know you've got to trust em because they are the only people about who know how to fix the wagon/shoe the horse/etc.

    Although I feel like that equates to a mechanic in modern society, and people don't always find them trust worthy–yet when they do its always mentioned…some thing to think about.

    P.S. love the picture.


  3. Yeah. I think the integrity of a blacksmith might be built into the trade. At least, it used to be. Can’t say either way if it has now, but if you think on the well-greased wheel of rumour. A blacksmith who wasn’t very good or honest wouldn’t do well in trade and would soon find himself in debt if not in peril. Same for dodgy mechanics. Do too many people a bad turn and it’ll get around.
    Add that living was harder back then and perhaps it’s a case of necessity breeding honesty.

    P.S. Thank you. ^_^


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