Characters on the Couch – I’m Hearing Voices Blogfest

Yes, it’s true. I’m still hearing voices.
But now it’s time for characters on the couch. I must say, it is tough to pick just one character out of two hundred, much less keep the answer within 200 words (not including the questions). I was going to pick Vengeance, one of my oldest characters and a Main Character of The Rogue King.
But no, I thought I should ask these questions of another Main Character from the same novel that I often find myself overlooking … Kael Ro’is, alleged orphan of a nomadic trader (don’t worry, he knows different).

Klif & Kael

What is your biggest vulnerability?

My father aside, it would be Klif. Or, more specifically, the link I have with him. Without him … I don’t really want to contemplate what’ll happen. They say a Shadow Speaker who loses a bond mate goes insane. Or become empty ….

Riiight. Moving on … who knows about this vulnerability? Or is it a secret?
Practically everyone knows I’m a Speaker. Not sure if they make the connection. It’s the sort of thing you need to read up on these days. It’s certainly not something I tell people.

What do people believe about you that is false?
That being a Speaker automatically means I’m a monster. I’m not, you know. I’m probably more normal than some of the nobles round here but they can only see this … creature.

What would your best friend say is your fatal flaw and why?

Well, Frisk would say it’s me not being quite so “out there” and Carine would certainly think it a flaw that I don’t lord it over people what with my bloodline. But I’ve never been the outgoing type and, honestly, I’m more likely to get beaten up than obeyed. It’s more-or-less a Speaker trait to blend into the background anyway.

I note you carefully left out Talsin.
I-I … ah. Heh … I don’t think she believes I have a flaw.

Okay then, what would the same friend say is your one redeeming quality and why?
Oh, all three would probably say I’m reliable. What with being what I am, I already have enough trouble getting people to accept me without adding a bad reputation. I’ve really no desire to see the dungeons.

I’m sure. So what do you want most and what will you do to get it?

To be normal. Or, at least, have people look at me and see me for who I am and not what I am. If I knew how to get that, I’d have it by now.

30 thoughts on “Characters on the Couch – I’m Hearing Voices Blogfest

  1. Shadow Speakers and, by association, their Breeders is a convoluted idea that evolved to incorporate so many abilities, but I’d need a whole page to explain the details, and it would likely bore you in the process. ^_^
    By this story, they’ve been diminished to things the populace still has deep-rooted fear of and aren't sure are still around (unlike other terrors which are all too real). A mentality like what we used to have for werewolves, vampires and the like … before they were cool.


  2. Yeah, in this particular story, there seems to be a lot of people making the other vulnerable in some way. I love the concept since they will get into some form of strife. So there’s a choice of either letting yourself have that weak spot in your armour of invincibility and learn how to handle and strengthen it, or opt to take the easy road by sealing yourself off to everyone and never care.
    Kael and Klif have to be the obvious two. Since they were linked with no choice, it seemed logical to make them each other’s vulnerability. Especially, since Klif is a defect from a species that are basically carnivorous horses.


  3. Hi Aldrea, Kael Ro'is sounds like an interesting character! (And I love the name.) Sounds like you have a lot of diversity in species in your story. Very intriguing. 🙂


  4. Thanks, if I could just get it published …
    I just realised, that if you look at my profile image, you can see Kael, or at least his head (the brownish one), with … ah … you guess. ^_^


  5. Oh, he's simply terrible at fitting in. Suppose it's sort of hard to when everyone knows about the bond mate.
    Just knowing Klif’s there would undoubtedly lend itself to “There’s a WHAT in the stables?” being a common phrase around there.


  6. Yup, a speaker to the creatures that live in the shadows. They seem to have developed an affinity for being black or red. The creatures, I mean, not the speakers. ^_^

    And back at ya!


  7. And elusive. I lost count of how many times I had to go back a rewrite a piece because … duh … he’s not there and should be.
    I’m gonna have to nail him down for the sequel. Really I am.


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