Them Voices. They yakkety yak all night long …

Time for Dialogue Introduction: Have two characters introduce each other using only dialogue—no back-story, no internalization, just dialogue between the two. Max 250 words.
This was quite a challenge for me, I went through around four/five versions deciding who to do. I tend to lean towards having a lot of internalization and action interspersed with my dialogue.

So here are the rival males from Dragon. Please, be nice to each other boys. Just for a little bit.

Jaimin & Teero

“Introducing myself am I? Certainly can’t really trust the present company to get it right. I’m Elder Teero, born of Mountain Hall, protector of Kalon’s northern border and sire of many. Though I now reside in the caverns at Hroff with my mate due to a certain upstart dragon.”
“You tried to kill me. Twice.”
“In a fight to the death granted by the council. What did you expect?”
“And the other?”
“You attacked me.”
“It was provoked, ghost.”
“Oh ho, who’s doing the provoking now? Look, I’m attempting to be civil here, you could at least reciprocate.”
“You? Civil? That would be a first. And when are we going to get round to introducing me? After all, I outrank you.”
“Outrank? Since when did a midling outrank an elder?”
“I’m clan leader. Level, by right, with the ancients.”
“Leader? Oh yes, I’m sure everyone trembles at the thought of Jaimin, Leader of the H’lon Clan. Has a nice ring to it, granted. So long as you forget to mention you’re also the last of your clan.”
See this mark? I know you can. It’s on my face. You can’t miss it. It made me leader of my clan as soon as they killed my sire.
The suicidal twit deserved it. Everyone knows attempting the wastelands is a death sentence.”
“Do not speak ill of the dead. What happened to being civil, ghost?”
“You tell me, hatchling. Care to be handed your spine yet?”
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“Try me. Please.”

Ah, should’ve known better.

10 thoughts on “Them Voices. They yakkety yak all night long …

  1. Cool, though honestly, you might be disappointed when it comes to clans as the dragon population’s declined too far for viable clans. Which leads to the events in ‘Dragon’. So, apart from H’lon, the closest to them now are the lairs.
    But the wasteland’s even more dangerous than ever. ^_^


  2. Thanks, it’s an old world I recently re-entered. That’s why I maintain that you never get rid of anything once you’ve written it. Even if it’s terrible now, you don’t know when it’ll prove useful later.


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