Knights of MicroFiction

The Knights of MicroFiction is a bloghop – hosted by Jess at Write. Skate. Dream. and Kathy of Imagine Today – that runs on the last Monday of every month.
They reveal the prompts on Monday and give until the end of Tuesday to post a reply. On Wednesday, they choose two winners to be featured on their blogs.
Visit either link to read more flash fiction from others.
Today’s prompt is: Write a Micro-Fiction/Flash Fiction of 250 words or less beginning with these words: “After all this time, there it was…”

I chose a piece from my WiP Anubis’ Handmaiden and altered to fit the prompt. It’s 250 words exactly. ^_^

After all this time, there it was. She’d seen drawings, had held many replicas, but this was the real deal. The only one of its kind to be found. It called to her more deeply than anything ever had. Standing before it, she’d still no idea why.

Polished beads, engraved with hieroglyphs, glittered in the wan light of her torch. June lifted it from the display. The beads rolled under her gloved fingers, smooth enough to have been machine rendered. One of the many mysteries surrounding this small piece of jewellery.

Records said it’d been discovered on the body of a woman no more than fifteen years old. While others in the tomb wore the Eye of Horus, she’d had this. Experts were unanimous that the place had been sealed for several millennia. And yet ….

Why had the nameless woman’s sarcophagus been the only one left open? Why, when all the other gods were represented, leave out Anubis? Why had a smashed amulet, similar to those worn by the others, been found on the floor? Archaeologists still searched for the answers.

Unable to resist, June placed the necklace over her head and slipped it under her shirt. The cool stone beads seemed to pulse as they rolled against her skin. The heavy amulet slid down to nestle in her cleavage as if it belonged, carrying with it the icy touch of metal that had long forgotten the caress of warm flesh.

The amulet of Anubis. At long last, hers again.

7 thoughts on “Knights of MicroFiction

  1. Thanks. ^_^ It's fun to do flash fiction.
    This piece comes out of the first chapter. As for the story itself, it's sort of me combining a love story with my love of ancient Egyptian mythology. They sure had some weird tales when it came to their gods.


  2. I was wanting to do this one. I thought it was the first Monday of each month (curses – I missed it again). Next time, for sure.

    And that was a sweet story, Aldrea. I deem it worthy. 🙂


  3. Thanks. It's a sort of side WiP. The WiP I do when my brain don't wanna focus on the other WiPs.

    About a quarter/half of it will be set in ancient Egypt, the other half in London.
    Not yet sure how big it'll be. Probably end up as a novella. Definitely not a YA. ^_^
    If it were a movie, it'd have an R16 rating at the very least. >_>


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