The Rogue King Movie

Probably a bit early for the WiP: The Movie bloghop, hosted by Kyra and Rachel, but to forgo missing joining in at all … here I am!

Although, this was fun and torturous at once. I’ve over two hundred characters and though I’ve an idea of what they look like, who could portray them in a movie is a whole other vein of ugly.
I’m going to cheat here and go on voices alone as anyone who took on the mighty epic that is The Rogue King for a story will be in need of Weta Works magic (and if you don’t know about them by now, you should. Let’s just say they assisted in a few minor movies like, to name two, LotR and Avatar ^_^).

For Veng, the Rogue King himself and the oldest of all my characters, I’d likely give him Hugh Jackman for a voice. Yeah, can you imagine him as an eight-foot-tall lizardman? I can.
For the record, I can also picture him as the angonist to Dark One’s Mistress.

As the voice of Lasil, his love interest, I’d give her the voice of Keisha Castle-Hughes (I’m probably influenced by The Almighty Johnsons here). Still she’s a sweet voice, that carries a hint of a bite and that’s my Lasil to a tee.

Now, the songs …

When young Koral learns he’s no choice but to be Veng, I can’t help but think of an old favourite of mine …
Then, when he falls for his beloved Lasil …

And, finally, at the end … ah, I’ll leave that one for all of you to guess. ^_^

13 thoughts on “The Rogue King Movie

  1. I totally agree with Kyra, since I'm a huge stalker, I mean fan, of Hugh Jackman. I also like Pet Shop Boys on your play list, haven't thought of them in years, so it made me a bit nostalgic 🙂


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