Gone Green …

Ugh, I intended to do a full and proper post for Mark’s “Got Green?” Blog Hop, but after the major production of the previous seven days followed by trying to force-feed worming tablets to five cats … I’m too wiped.
Honestly, I completely forgot when St. Patrick’s Day was and it’s like today and what did I do? Bleh, I’ve still a cat to do. Big 6kg boy who doesn’t like taking his medicine.
So instead of kicking about here, go to his blog and cruise the other sites. ^_^

15 thoughts on “Gone Green …

  1. We've one boy who's mastered the art of flicking the pill out just when you pop it in.
    We avoid giving him anything orally. Means the expensive route, but less scratches and no being bitten.


  2. I know. Our youngest was getting over ringworm when we adopted him. He's good with his pills. Takes it all in stride, but not like our big blob of a black cat we call Simba. He's the best.


  3. Got a week or two of it hopefully, then another upheaval and finally a cat show. Then it's flea treatments (easy) and booster shots for five cats (way easier than pills) and most of them are really good for the vet.

    So yeah, after mid-April … totally normal. ^_^
    Hope that didn't jinx it.


  4. *still laughing*
    Sheesh. The task of giving meds to cats ranks somewhere above digging out a clogged sewer pipe. On second thought, the pipe doesn't claw my face. 🙂

    Visiting from Mark's blog.


  5. Yup, my daughter and aunt were like that and I’m all “Uh, I’ve got no green on me.”

    And last time we dosed the cats, the ginger one (he who is the master of the ‘pill-flick’) ended with his mouth held shut and the pill dissolving on his tongue. Can’t imagine he enjoyed that. The evils I got. Such eeeevils.
    Nothing gives the evils like a cat. ^_^


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