Knights of MicroFiction


It’s Knights of MicroFiction time. ^_^
To those who don’t know, this is a bloghop – hosted by Jess at Write. Skate. Dream. and Kathy of Imagine Today – that runs on the last Monday of every month. Visit either link to read more flash fiction from other participants.

This time, the prompt is:
Use at least one of the following adjectives: delicate, repulsive, hostile,
and at least two of the following nouns: New York City, my 16th birthday, and kilts
Write a MicroFiction/flash fiction piece of 250 words or less.
Cause I wanted to use all the prompts and one was in 1st person, I appear to have written both in a pov I don’t usually write in – certainly gave it my best shot – and a situation I wouldn’t normally put my characters in. But that’s the point behind a challenge, right? ^_^ Also, according to Word, the hyphenated word is classified as one, making this piece 250 words exactly.
Here I was, on the eve of my 16th birthday, and somehow I’d found myself attending Paul’s party. Sure, he was my cousin and he’d just flown in and I hadn’t seen him for a long time, but the place had become packed. Everyone forced to bump about as one repulsive, sweaty mass.
This had to be practically all of his old mates. How had he stayed in touch with so many? Probably here for the free beer. I take a sip of soda. Lucky them.
Heads turned as the cry went out. Hopping from foot to foot, I strain to see over the guys before me. Some twit whistles. More catcalls strike up. The crowd part to reveal my cousin and older brother.
Oh my god. Were they wearing kilts? I eye the garish tartans, with their hairy and not-so-delicate legs sticking out from below, and shudder.
Daintily kicking their heels, they prance over to my side. “Aw sis,” Kevin said, his grin as lopsided as the kilt. “Don’t look so hostile.”
I frown at Kevin, then turn my stare on Paul. “You two better not pull this tomorrow.” My teeth clench at the thought. Bad enough I couldn’t spend summer in America.
Kevin shakes his head. “Nah, just a dare.” He gives me wink. “Besides, no one gonna see you for a while, are they?”
“Huh?” He knew the trip had been cancelled. “You mean –”
“Yee-ah! New York City here we come!”
Yes! Wait. What? We?

8 thoughts on “Knights of MicroFiction

  1. Ooooh! This is really cool! I love how at the end she's happy for a second and then realizes he's coming with her, lol! Surprise!

    And thanks so much for participating!


  2. Whoops. *snicker* Way to drop the bomb there, bro.I did originally mean to end it a little further on, but I ran outta words at “Yes!” before doing some snipping. ^_^


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