Blogfest Updates – the old and the new

Firstly, my story about an evil willow and earth-sympathising Folk has been chosen as one of the top five. I’m totally bowled by this as I didn’t think I’d get that far, and again thank the lot at Unicorn Bell for choosing me to sit alongside the other four.
People have until 7pm Saturday (US EST) to vote, so pop over to the Unicorn Bell and pick your favourite.
The end of March is fast drawing to a close, and that means a whole new month of blogfests (remember, my goal is to participate in at least one a month).
I won’t be doing the A to Z challenge, but I strongly suggest you hop on over there and see who is.
On the 17th, when the letter P arrives for all those to the above blofest, I’ll be joining Madeleine Maddocks at Scribble and Edit in her Plotting blogfest. Don’t let the image scare you away.
I’ll be answering one simple question: How do I Plot my novels.
You can still sign up for this one. So be sure to check it out.
The 27th, Jaycee DeLorenzo and Victoria Smith shall be doing the Oh, My Hero! bloghop. I’ll be posting a picture of one of my heroes and giving them at least five questions to answer.
Given the strange (and sometime elusive) nature of my characters, we’ll see how that goes. I’m tempted to use my borderline villain for this, but I’ll be good and pick a proper hero.
You can still join in this one too.

And in May I shall be participating in Theresa Paolo’s Dust if Off blogfest and torturing you all with the first version (last touched in 2008) of The Rogue King. The blogfest goes as follows:
On the 3rd shall be my 1-2 sentence pitch. This should be interesting. I suck at pitches.
The 5th is when I will post my favourite excerpt. Expect it to be bad. Expect me to cringe. And I fully expect you to laugh.
And, finally, I shall relieve the torture by revealing what I learnt from this mistake I’ve since revamped numerous times.

13 thoughts on “Blogfest Updates – the old and the new

  1. First off congrats on making the top five. I'll be hopping over there next. And thanks for mentioning my bloghop!!! I can't wait to read your entries. I'm sure they won't be as cringe worthy as you think, or at least not as cringe worthy as mine 🙂


  2. Been in three blogs a month for the last two months, so I seem to handle it okay. Of course, it'd be different if I were doing the A-Z Challenge. Maybe another time, yeah?.
    And thank you. I'll take it as a win since I don't usually get this far and I've come away with another story idea. ^_^


  3. Congrats on making the top five! I really enjoyed reading your story and also checking out unicornbell, which I hadn't heard of before. Best of luck with all of your blogfests.


  4. I'm liking the sound of the Dust it Off bloghop, I'm spoilt for choice as to which I would enter 🙂

    Congratulations on reaching the top 5. I'm catching up with my blog reading and working backwards through your posts, so I'll be reading it soon 🙂


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