Introducing …

Name: Jo’el
Story: The Rogue King Saga – The Shadow Prince
Status: Captain of the Predonian Gate Guards

Jo’el started out as some guard. It wasn’t until the last rewrite that he gained depth, a family and reasoning behind his actions. All mostly revealed through the eyes of two other characters. How that happened, I’ve no idea. He’s just a minor character, though an important obstacle in a couple of scenes. I won’t say with what. Let’s just say rule number two for him is: let no harm come to children. Don’t ask about rule number one though. He might show you. O_O

Woo, how does he fly with them wings and that armour? It’s mezan-made, that’s how. ^_^
What you’ve never heard of intelligent amphibians magically producing metal that’s strong, light and faintly resistant to corrosion? For shame.

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