Introducing …

Name: Teero
Story: Dragon
Status: Elder of Mountain Hall/Hroff Caverns

If I had to pick who was the most aggravating of my characters, Teero would be an instant choice.
One of Dragon’s many agonists – at least in the mind of the Main Characters – he’s arrogant, cunning and, when speaking towards certain characters, often verbally cruel just for the hell of it, especially when it comes to Jaimin – one of the Main Characters.
On the flipside, he’s also a survivor and a conscientious mate who’s both good at hatching eggs and raising hatchlings.

So white … I’m certain he’d darn near glow in the dark. Oddly enough, he originally started out as steely-grey. Somehow, he ended up getting paler with each chapter until he became a ‘ghost’.

8 thoughts on “Introducing …

  1. Nah, he was pretty mean (and sort of off-white) from the get-go in this version. He just got paler and more ‘ghost-like’ throughout the story until I got … him.
    I made him white when I made the switch from helpful to agonist as Jaimin is dull silver and the two colours blended too well in my mind. When I look at the dragon hides I have within that colour spectrum, there is … dull silver, an icy (sort of crystalline) blue, a grey, a steely-grey, an icy white and then there’s Teero, my sweet, cranky ‘ghost’. ^_^


  2. A ghost dragon – that's actually kind of a neat new twist on a dragon. I know you mean ghostly white, but my mind immediately took off in its in imaginative direction, hope you don't mind!


  3. I try to add logical reason to all my bad guys, but sometimes they're just bad for the fun of it.

    I'm glad to be able to use the name, otherwise it would've languished in the dusty digital shelves where all my waiting WiPs lie.


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