Dust it Off Bloghop – The Pitch

Has it finally arrived?
Yes, the Dust It Off Bloghop has begun!
Cortney Pearson and Theresa Paolo are encouraging us to take a shelved manuscript, “dust it off” and rediscover some of the treasures forgotten inside.

As I’m a person who loathes throwing away anything I’ve formed an attachment to. My “shelved manuscript” is actually the old, first-person version of The Rogue King. The one I wrote way, way back when I was twelve.

The first day: We want you to post a 1-2 sentence pitch (Great way to practice pitches) about the shelved WIP.

The old, first-person version, is shelved, but the premise of the story is still the same. That in mind, here’s my pitch of The Rogue King:
As a boy, Koral’s greatest desire was to be normal, but the demented god Lorric had other ideas and was not above destroying the fate of one young man. Now, years after he has grown to accept his new way of living and with his beloved stolen by the very god who’d derailed his true destiny, Koral is forced from safety to risk his life and worse to free her from the god’s clutches before she is also broken.

24 thoughts on “Dust it Off Bloghop – The Pitch

  1. Thanks. ^_^
    Took me ages to get this, and still seems a little corny to me. But then I've always found it to be such a hard story to crush down and get the major points. I know'em, it's just describing them to someone else without a thousand words.


  2. *snicker*
    Took me fifteen years to get it to the standard it is now. It's amazing how much you actually learn without realising it. Then you look bad at old work and recall how proud you were of it. Then you cringe.


  3. The blog I just hopped over from also wrote theirs when they were 12 and I can't tell you how impressed I am by that. I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember but nothing as detailed and intriguing as this. Kudos to you for holding on to it and putting so much hard work into it. I hope to see it on the shelf of a bookstore one day. Until then I look forward to the excerpt!


  4. To be fair, I -started- writing it when I was twelve.
    Over the last fifteen years I've been endlessly tinkering (with breaks for other novels and wips).
    I'll freely admit I'm obsessed with my own little planet and the crazy that inhabits it. Why else would I name my blog after it? ^_^


  5. This pitch has me asking lots of questions… why isn't Koral normal, why is Lorric picking on him, what is Koral's new way of life, etc. So great job piquing interest.


  6. Why isn't he normal? It's a whole raft of factors, so I won't get into that. ^_^ But the last two questions sort of roll themselves into a ball.
    Lorric's pickin' because Koral isn't normal, which forces him down the path to Roguehood, the 'new way of life'. Hence “The Rogue King” as a title. That's my boy right there.

    (Then again, Lorric probably would've picked on Koral anyway. He's just more interested when said person is abnormal.)


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