Introducing …

Name: Kyle
Story: The Rogue King Saga – The Rogue King
Status: Sergeant

What’s this? A human in my non-human story?
Well, he’s one of four humans on the planet. He, like the others, is a catalyst … of sorts.
Though not in the way the other three are and more in a way that leads to greater things happening.
I see Kyle as being the one in the group you didn’t want to survive (at least I didn’t) and yet, by sheer dumb luck, he happens to be in the right place and does. I’d have much rather another scientist had survived than this trigger-happy twit. Still, in a place where the immediate terrain isn’t exactly welcoming, it’s best to have a gun-toting, shoot’em if they move guy around.
Surprised me a little that he let my poor Main Characters – Veng and Lasil – live at all, let alone as long as he did. Then again, I reckon he mellowed with age when it came to Lasil.
Still, his ending gladdens my heart.

I wonder if it’d kill the guy to smile. Hmm … that’s probably quite possible.

4 thoughts on “Introducing …

  1. Never seen Firefly. Not surprised though, think it's one of the common character types in any vaguely sci-fi story.
    As long as they eventually get theirs, it's all good.

    And thanks. ^_^


  2. If I can't get passionate about them, then they usually get cut or changed for someone I can feel for.
    Except for Kyle, he's a bit like Teero in the respect that he just got nastier.


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