First Fight/First Kiss Blogfest – First Kiss

Ah, the Kiss Scene.
I don’t actually have that many kissing scenes. There’s the one from Dragon, which was used in another blogfest.
So I’m down to The Rogue King or Golden Dawn. One of which brings me the problem of them not tending to stop at a kiss. It’s not much of a kiss, but I couldn’t resist the lure of my eight-foot lizardman and his teeny beloved.
So I’m going to cheat a bit here. This isn’t their first kiss. On the other hand, they haven’t seen each other for nine years (eighteen years in our time), with many misunderstandings and false messages between, culminating in a quest to rescue her that had him risking his life multiple times.
Surely that counts.

In this particular scene Veng is getting ready for his impending wedding.

To avoid other thoughts, Veng focused on dressing and had just finished tying the lace of his shirt when he heard a peculiar noise coming from out in the antechamber. It sounded almost like someone was systematically shutting doors. Who would be doing such a thing? The servants had done all they were required and no one else was expected up here. Not until later, when he brought Lasil to their marriage bed. Turning from the huge mirror, he paused in the entrance to the bedroom upon hearing the doors swing open.
He watched Lasil creep through the gap to silently glide about the room. The rustle of silk gave way to the rasp of his breath as his wife-to-be stopped before the end of the bed. Bronze hands reached out to caress the dark wood of a post, sliding down the elaborate carved twists to grip the bed end.
“What are you doing here?” he asked, the question bursting from his mouth as he marched into the room. “How did you even find your way?”
She jumped, head snapping round to face him. “I – I thought I’d see if I could find my way alone. I didn’t expect you to still be here. I’m sorry, I’ll leave.”
Was she blushing? He frowned, sure he’d seen her cheeks darken briefly. Was it just innocent curiosity, or more? “No, don’t go. The ceremony will be beginning soon anyway.”
She curtsied. The dress, with its lavender and gold silk, wasn’t as low cut as the ivory gown she’d teased him with. “As you wish, your majesty.”
“Don’t start that,” he snarled. The genuflection bothered him when it came from strangers, he didn’t think he could stand having the same thing from her. It didn’t help that the glimpse of the deep cleavage her bodice confined was still enough to warm him. His arms ached to embrace her, to hold her as close as possible. He had missed having her around and, even though that would only last for a few more hours, the wait for the ceremony to finish was still too long.
Laughing softly, she swung herself up onto the bed end, making little noise as she landed on the thick platform. She silently sat there, the dress shifting ever so slightly at the casual swing of her legs.
Veng turned back to the mirror. The polished surface clearly showed her watching him. He couldn’t banish the hunger gnawing in his gut. It’d been a long time since he’d last eaten, but he knew this craving well and it had nothing to do with food. He needed this day to go fast. He needed her even more. “We should go.”
Lasil nodded. Hand on the post to steady herself, she stood on the board at the foot of the bed and held out an arm in a silent plea for assistance.
Not wanting to pass up a chance to hold her, he complied. With a single arm round her waist, he intended to quickly pick her up and not fall to the temptation in his heart. Their eyes locked and her startling green-gold gaze held him. She smiled so sweetly that he had to kiss her. Just once. To remind himself what it tasted like.
Her arms tightening round his neck, she fell back onto the bed. The suddenness offset his balance and he tipped forward, fingers digging into the soft mattress as he struggled to stop himself from crushing her much smaller form.
She laughed, seemingly delighting in his distress. One hand lingered on his collar, the other rested almost casually on her bodice.
Veng shivered at the featherlike touch of her fingers caressing his neck, keenly aware his knees rested on the skirt between her thighs. “It won’t be long now, my love,” he murmured. “Only a few hours.” He took a deep breath, immersing himself in her delicate scent. How he’d missed that subtle aroma. Like white pare-par. The gentle virgin. He silently chuckled to himself as he recalled their first night. There’d been nothing gentle about this virgin.
Hands slid down his chest. There was a slight tug on his waist as she unbuckled his belt. “Why wait?” she breathed, throwing the strap to the floor.

And I’m going to stop here because, like I said, they don’t. ^_^
Now you can to pop over to either Jackie’s or Dannielle’s blog and read other people’s excerpts.

20 thoughts on “First Fight/First Kiss Blogfest – First Kiss

  1. I love how he trys to be so gentle with her, but she's obviously not as fragile as he thinks. Cause she doesn't seem to hold back with him, at all. Nice!


  2. Heh, it's the same for me and the fighting. I think part of it is you can't be embarressed. I used to go so red when I wrote stuff like this, thinking of what other people would think upon reading it, not anymore.

    Not after my step-mother-in-law and father-in-law have read this. ^_^


  3. Part of that probably comes from him being a giant and her being so teeny compared to the other woman. Height-wise, she only comes up to his waist.

    But no, she ain’t fragile and she's always been a gal that knows what she wants. ^_~


  4. Oh, this was deliciously naughty. I loved how you described Veng's need for Lasil, and I really liked that they didn't wait until the wedding. Sweet and sensual, excellent job.


  5. I would've added more, but … it's different showing such things in the fullness of a story, where the reader gets a chance to understand what intensity the story's at.

    Thanks for dropping by. ^_^


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