First Fight/First Kiss Blogfest – Winners Announced

Yep, the winners have been announced for the First Fight/First Kiss Blogfest. There were four winners and thirteen honourable mentions. Do check out all of Danielle’s choices and pop over to see who Jackie chose and be sure to congratulate them all. No one made it easy for our dear hosts.

But wait, before you go, let me share a secret with you …
I was one of the winners! I’ve been entering blogfests since the beginning of the year (as per my goal) and this is my first win! Behold! My shiny badge!
Danielle chose my kissing scene from The Rogue King. I was already over the moon about the comments it was getting (I’m not even certain if everyone realised they weren’t human). And, after reading all the cute (and steamy) scenes, I didn’t think my alien-lizard-looking couple had a chance. If you haven’t read the entries already, you should pop over right now and check them out.
I’ll be leaving you something a little sweeter …

6 thoughts on “First Fight/First Kiss Blogfest – Winners Announced

  1. Congrats to you and all the winners! I like the picture too – your graphics are excellent. I missed your winning entry but I just clicked over and it was a great piece, very smooth.

    I've also given you the 7 x 7 Award! Head over to my blog for details. 🙂


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