Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Bet you’ve got that song in your head now. I know I did. ^_^
This is the heroinebloghop. A counter, if you will, for the “Oh! My Hero!” Bloghop that Jaycee DeLorenzo and Victoria Smith hosted in April. We can’t let the heroes have all the fun, now can we?

Interview a heroine of your manuscript, novel, or WIP by a fellow female counterpart also from one of your written works.  Your featured heroine can be interviewed by her best friend, a heroine from another one of your written works, a sister, the opportunities are endless!

      – Have your heroine answer at least threeof the questions!
      – Post a picture of your heroine, the interviewer, or both!
      – Post a song for the theme of the interview or a song that reflects your featured heroine’s personality.
For this hop, the interview will have more of a “girls chatting” type feel because after all, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!  So feel free to write it like a short scene in a book!
And I did. Sort of. Some personalities seemed to clash a bit so it got kind of long (about 2200 words). I also couldn’t let any of them sit by the wayside for this. So sit back and get comfy, this’ll take a while, there are eight of them, after all ….
Left: Clara (Dark One’s Mistress), Lasil (The Rogue King) Maayin (Dragon)
Middle: June & Amisi (Both from Anubis’ Handmaiden)
Right: Sarna (Witch of Morthin), Aleena (Aelfah), Acarna (The Unborn Trilogy)
June glances about the room, frowning at the odd group of women surrounding her. “Well this is very nice and all, certainly a change from Aaru, but why are we here?”
“Um, hang on. I think she explained it …” Sarna mumbles as she picks up a slim pile of papers sitting on the table beside her. “Aha! It says here that we’ve been gathered to answer some questions.”
“Questions, questions.” June ’s top lip quivers in a sneer. “Damn girl’s full of the damn things. Ugh!” She flicks the hair from her eyes with the jerk of her head. “How many has she got for us?”
Sarna rifles through the papers. “One … two …” A couple of leaves slip through her fingers to fall on the rug beside June . “There’s a number, but it also says we only need to answer three.”
“Awesome,” June scoops up the dropped sheets, flicking back and forth between the three in her hand, and settles on the top page. “Let’s see now … How would you describe your hero? Pfft! That’s easy. Charming, tall, bronze …”
Amisi lifts her head from the older woman’s shoulder. “… jackal-headed.”
There’s a strangled gasp from the red-haired Aleena. “I’m sorry, what?”
“You heard her,” June snaps over her shoulder. “What’s wrong with that anyhow, ponygirl? You don’t hear me criticising your choice of a man, do ya? If you can really call that hunk of horseflesh a man.”
“Scen has always been a gentleman to me, no matter his outward peculiarities.” Aleena grasps the back of the chair before her. It shakes. “But are you two saying you’re both with the same guy?”
“Not at the same time, I assure you,” Amisi replies, her cheeks darkening. “That would be somewhat impossible.”
June flaps her hand about. “It’s complicated.”
Acarna lowers her cup of tea to her lap. “Indeed. Things often get that way after the first thousand years. What is the next question?”
“Next?” June twists round to raise a brow at the woman. “So we ain’t all gonna answer these questions then? I thought that was the idea.”
“We all shall if you insist, child, though I fear you’ll find my answer lacking.”
“Your man’s a living vampire who feeds on goats, what’s so hard about that?”
The angel’s pink lips twitch into what should’ve been a smile. “You cannot define a person by the mere happenstance of their species.”
“I’m sure I could.” Lasil grins widely. The firelight glitters along her fangs. “Though, if I’m to be honest, some of it’s more a quirk of his combined traits than a defining feature.”
“What about you two?” June lifts herself off the ground a fraction and glares over Lasil’s shoulder. “You’ve both been awfully quiet. And for god’s sake, Maay, come outta the shadows. Sheesh, you’re hard enough to see without adding to it.”
Head down, Maayin quietly moves from the corner, sidling over to stand beside the fireplace.
Clara, the last of the women and near cloaked in shadows herself, folds her arms and shuffles a few steps closer to the group. “I’m not certain if my hero even qualifies as such. He’s more of an … anti-villain.” One corner of her mouth lifts in a half smile. “Though he is sweet and oh so enchanting. In an intense sort of way, I can almost forget he kidnapped me when he smiles.”
Lasil snorts, muffling the sound with her hands. “Sounds like my dear Veng. Well, if you remove the kidnapping and throw in a bit of old romantic flair.”
June frowns. “What? Like flowers, breakfast in bed, walks along the beach and stuff?”
“That’s romance to you?” The bronze tail flicks up to stir the air before her. “I get the occasional jewel from him, but Veng usually brings me more … entertaining things when it involves a bed.”
Aleena grimaces. “Now there’s an image I could’ve done without. Can’t image how you’d even manage it. He’s what, twice your height?”
Lasil leans forward, a cheeky puff to her cheeks. “He keeps himself very flexible,” she says with a wink before laughing. “Why Aleena, dear, I do believe you’re blushing. A married woman like you? For shame.”
“I’ve been married for some time,” says Sarna, “and my cousins can still make me blush quite well. Especially if they happen to mention my darling husband.”
“Then your men aren’t doing their jobs properly.”
“Excuse me?” Aleena snarls. “However Scen does his job is no one’s business but mine. And if either you or your husband had been born on the Aelfah homeworld, then he would’ve locked in the underprison with all the other oversexuals and you probably would’ve ended up being dragged out into the arena and punished.”
“Well then, thank the Stars that I was born on Thardrandia where such traits are accepted as being natural and not on some world where the people are forced to subdue it and the men have wait years before it’s acceptable to proposition his own wife.”
“He does not have to proposition me.”
“Of course,” June snaps. “Punish the commoner and let the noble go free. The cry through the ages.”
“That is not so. He’s tossed cars in the air with a thought. Brought down a building because they harmed me. He has to very careful to his emotions.”
“That’s right,” says Lasil. “I forget he’s of the Mark. I hear he once brought down fifty feet of newly-cultivated jungle.” Clapping her hands, she bursts out laughing. “And again she blushes!”
“Jaimin just carves me trinkets from egg shells,” Maayin whispers into the silence. “A fresh batch very year. I’ve amassed quite the collection now.” Her dark lips curve. “I think he tends to forget how many he’s gifted to me.”
“Egg shells?” Aleena leans further over the chair, arms draping either side of Sarna’s head. “Be a bit fragile wouldn’t they?”
“I make them tough. Besides, the first thing he does is carve an image of each hatchling.”
“Fair enough, girl. I’d prefer photos myself. But I suppose it’s hard to come by a good camera up in the middle of nowhere. Let the giant dragon whittle egg shells for you if it makes him happy.” June flings the top sheet of paper away. It drifts into the fire and flares into dust. “Next question: what attracted you to your hero?” She lowers the page.
Lasil leans back into the chair. “And I’d say his shoulders.”
“Shoulders?” June blurts. “You got the whole lizardy package to choose from and you pick his shoulders? Shoulders sure wouldn’t be the thing I think of.”
Lasil shrugs. “Why not? A set of wide, well-rounded shoulders are very appealing. It hints at their fighting prowess, which I’m not ashamed to admit tweaks a certain … base reaction. What attracted you?”
“I’d like to say his cute butt,” June fires back. “Though, as a feature, it’s more something you’re more likely to see going than coming. So let’s go with I admire his butt and I’m not sure what attracted me to him.”
Acarna sniffs. “Physical attraction is not what should draw one to a prospective partner. You cannot define it, child, because it is their essence that lured you, not the form it is confined to.”
“Eh? Don’t you get all ethereal on me. You can’t deny Herald’s been confined in a mighty fine form. For a guy over twelve centuries old, he’s sure got it going on.”
Acarna raises a blonde brow. “It would not matter how many things he had ‘going on’ if his true nature was not to my tastes.”
“I do not mean to be rude,” Sarna interjects, “but I am curious as to how he could be to your tastes at all.”
“Why, dear child, I could ask the same of you. Yet you still ended up with your husband. A man from the very people who not only swore to rid the world of your kind, but to annihilate your very bloodline.”
“He was kind. He helped me. Protected me. He didn’t have to. He’d no debt to me or my family.” She stares down at her hands. “We didn’t know we were meant to be enemies until after we …”
“Fell in love?” Aleena supplies.
Sarna nods, head tipped back to smile up at the woman. “It just … happened along the way.”
“Same for me with Scen, sort of. Though we knew more than our parents would disapprove. He has these gorgeous blue eyes, but they were so full of pain when I first met him.” She sighs. “My only regret is that we didn’t leave Earth sooner, so that they didn’t have a chance to take him.”
“It wasn’t anything physical that drew me,” Amisi says, a smile tugging at her lips. “He was the first to treat me as more than a child.” She grabs June’s arm. “And it likely to be the reason you felt the pull.”
“It was Jaimin’s kindness that drew me.” Maayin beams. “Then he kissed me, fought for my right to choose and told me he loved me.”
“At least you got to choose,” Clara mumbles.
“Okay then,” June says. “What about you, Mistress of the Sulks? When did you first meet Lucias?”
“In his chamber, late one night. He was wearing nothing more than a towel and …” Blushing, she gives a nervous laugh. “He was soaked, his skin gleaming in the candlelight.”
“Did you kiss him?” Lasil asks.
“No! I was trying to escape. Besides, he was holding a sword to my throat at the time.”
“Definitely should’ve kissed him then.”
“Why? Because you would’ve had that towel off of him in a heartbeat?”
Sarna looks down at the papers in her hand and tosses them all into the fire. “So I take that to mean it would be a no to letting someone kiss you on the first date?”
Aleena jerks back as if she’d been slapped. “Make that a hell no. No guy is getting anything from me on the first date.”
She glares at June who sticks her tongue out. “And I suppose you would.”
“Maybe. If he’s cute.” She nudges Amisi. “My girl here made him wait several years until giving it up.”
“I did not ‘make him wait’. I wouldn’t have dared to make Anpu do anything.”
“It’s no big deal. The boy’s used to waiting. It’s not as if he’s gonna die from old age.”
“I never got a chance to try dating,” Clara grumbles. “Oh, no it was all ‘she’ll do’ and ‘into the carriage with her’ and then off the mighty Lord’s citadel we go without so much as a by your leave.”
Lasil grins. “Neither did I. But then, I allowed him to do far more than kiss me.”
“There was no date,” Sarna said, “and our first kiss was mostly accidental.”
“Mostly?” Clara shakes her head. “How can something be mostly an accident?”
“I liked him, but we didn’t outright intend to kiss. At least not then.”
“You’re all quite fortunate,” Acarna murmurs, stilling the other seven. “I was forced to endure many ‘dates’ during my lengthy imprisonment, but I needed to live and die to get my first kiss.”
“Okay, okay.” June waves the last paper in the air. “We need to answer the real serious question: would you rather see boxers or briefs on your guy?”
Sarna blushes. “I’m not even sure what those are.”
“Hmm.” Lasil rubs her chin. “I’ve vague memories.”
“They’re types of underwear,” says Aleena, then adds in a whisper, “though I suppose they don’t have such garments on Thardrandia.”
Lasil snaps her fingers. “Of course they are. And I’d have say loincloth. A short one.”
Aleena tilts her head from side to side. “Scen didn’t look all that bad in boxers. But it’s not like he wears much underwear. How is this a serious question?”
June giggles. “It’s not. Duh. Although. Seriously? Can you imagine Anpu in either? He’s way too attached to what he’s already got.”
Aleena lets out a strangled, gasping laugh.
“I could not imagine Anpu in much beyond his traditional attire.”
A whimsical smile lights up June’s face. “Yeah, not imagining him in much sounds like a plan.”
Amisi’s cheeks darken. “That wasn’t what I meant!”
“Sure it wasn’t.”
“How quickly your mind turns to that,” Acarna says, the quirk of her lips the only sign she jests. “If it is to be a choice between the two, I’d rather leave it up to him.”
“But half the fun’s in getting to choose for them.”
“Boxers, then.”
Sarna pulls away from the hushed conversation she’s has with Aleena. “Briefs?”
“I’ll choose that too,” says Clara.
“Boxers are the baggy ones, yes?” Maayin pauses for affirmation, smiling when it’s revealed she’s right. “Then I pick briefs, they’d fit better under his preferred clothing.”
“Who says they’re wearing anything else?”
“Oh, boxers then.”
It is at this point that chooses to Aldrea enter the room. “How are you getting on with my questions? Got many done?”
June points at the short woman as if levelling a sword. “GET HER!”

Okay, I’ve decided (after staring at the screen with my mind gone blank until my peak time kicked in) that I’m only doing the one song. Seriously, some picks that are right for certain character mood aren’t ones that I feel encompass the whole of their personality.
On the other hand, there is one song that instantly comes to mind when I think of this heroine and I immediately think of her whenever I hear it.
Acarna – Bring Me to Life by Evanescence
Though, really I tend to hear it as more of a duet with Herald. ^_~

24 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

  1. Thanks. I like the premise behind your kidnapping better. It's more romantic than Clara's, which happens because the 'Dark One' requires a mistress (and an heir). I used a piece from it in the first fight blog earlier this month.

    And I loved your boxers and briefs answer too. ^_^


  2. Interesting cast of character, I love how you balanced all their different voices, and one didn't outshine the other. The boxers or briefs question amused me greatly, and what and ending!! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thanks! Though, I admit, it was quite a drain to have all eight clamouring.
    I tried to cut back the amount, but whenever I did, they gave me an answer that I just had to write down. ^_^


  4. ^_^ I've way too many clashing personalities here for that to not have happened.

    Anti-villain is the only short way of describing Lucias. One hand, he is a Dark Lord, on the other hand, it's an inherited title, he's not evil.
    Then again, his men did kidnap some women from whom Clara was picked to be his mistress and give him an heir. And yet … it's to keep the kingdom in its current safe state and he's attempting to woo her instead of using other means.

    He makes my head hurt.


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