One post three awards.

First one up: The Liebster Award. Gifted to me by Andrea Teagan at The Enchanted Writer. This is the second time I’ve gotten it. The last time I had just a few followers (I forget how many), now I’ve over 120! Thank you all for following my ramblings and thoughts.


The rules of this award are:

  1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
  2. Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.
  3. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.
  4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs with 200 followers or less.
  5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog. 
I’m giving this award to these people:
Mary Chase at nulla dies sine linea
Clare Dugmore at Clare Dugmore Writes
Kayla Curry at Paranormal Lounge
Vicki Orians at Page After Page

Award Number Two is one I’ve both lusted after and feared getting (how’s that for dual feelings towards some pixels). Okay, that’s mainly because it’s a tricksy award and I’m uncertain if I can fill in the blanks.

Nevertheless, I am overjoyed to get the 7×7 Link Award. And I have Nick Wilford of Scattergun Scribblings to thanks for it. ^_^

RULE #1: Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you.

Before I met my fiancé I was quite content to become crazy cat lady.
So I kept the crazy, the cats and the guy. ^_~

RULE #2: Link to one of my posts that I personally think best fits the following categories. (Whoo. Stand back, this could get messy.)

Most Beautiful: A Picture Paints 1000 Words – Bloghop
A 1000 words, little in the way of world-building (this is me doing it on the fly, yo) and I think it came out pretty good. But while I chose this as beautiful, I mean it in the bittersweet sense. I still can’t read the last bit  without tearing up a little and I wrote it.

Most Helpful & Most Popular: Synopsis – Write it First
We’ll deal with the popular a bit further down. But this is probably the only piece of advice you’ll see on this blog.

Most Controversial: Ah, the bit I dread.
I’m not really one for ‘controversial’ topics. I seldom blog is more for my reviews, my stories and blogfests. There’s nothing in any of them that looks remotely controversial. I’m afraid I’ll have to cheat and skip this. You all love me enough to forgive, right?

Most Surprisingly Successful: First Campaigner Challenge
I’d never done a flash fiction before. Never written within the strictures of anything other than what was imposed on me at school. So I was a little surprised to find that not only did I like flash fiction, but how much others liked what I’d written too.

Most Underrated: Headaches of a visual nature
Okay, yeah. It may not be that special. But I adored my new specs. It’s like a high without actually taking anything. I adore seeing things non-fuzzed as they should. Especially my daughter’s face.

Most Pride Worthy: First Fight/First Kiss Blogfest – Winners Announcement
Hey, it’s the first Blogfest I’ve ever won. And it came via a piece of my oldest novel. Double pride going on over here. ^_^

Pass it on to seven bloggers: As I’m doing five people above and below this award, I’m gonna be sneaky here and pass this on to anyone who wants it.
See this => [Insert Name Here] <= it's your free pass to pick this baby up.
Just let me know about, okay? ^_^

Just plain Fab-u-lous
Lastly, another award I’ve never gotten before but enjoy reading other people’s answers to: The Fabulous Blog Ribbon. This one comes to me from Jaycee DeLorenzo.
Name five of your most fabulous moments, either in real life or in the blogosphere.
I haven’t many times in my life that I consider ‘fabulous’. I’ve fond moments, but they mostly make me teary or silent. So you’ll get them instead.
1. The birth of my daughter. Yes, she was a difficult girl even then and hand to come into the world via the ‘alternate exit’, but that first time seeing her as they wheeled me back to the room with those dark eyes staring at me was amazing.
2. All memories that involve my old horse Ticket. He was with me for seven years before age and illness forced us to put him down. The one where he tried to drag me home after I was thrown (duck flew up in his face) and winded is my fondest.
3. The first time I accidently ended up on the back of Damir, the arab filly I was breaking in. All she did was look about for me, found I was on her back and (I swear she shrugged) obeyed me as I guided her to the nearest patch of grass with her lead rope.
4. Buying my first car. Seventeen, restricted license, unable to take it out a night without a fully licensed passenger, but man did I love my little black RVR (a small 4×4). By extension, I loved it even more when some dude rear-ending me at 100km and, though the car was wrecked (shortened by about a foot), I walked away with just a bump on the head.
5. My rescue kitten’s first win at a cat show. First time travelling with us, first time being showed, first First Place. Boy took it like a champ. And he should, cause he’s my FizzyWhip! Okay, so the emotion in this one is probably more one as pride, but that counts. 😛

Name five things you love. Okay, I believe family (pets and all) should be a given to take up the top spot anyway, so I’ll do the five below them:

1. My Stories. ^_^
2. The books invading one wall of the room. That’s all 500 of them in one lump … er … wait, is it that many? Yeah, let’s just count the ones on my keepers shelf.
3. My computer. I’d be a bit lost without it. Although there are days where I’d like to destroy it.
4. My Blue Mountain Pottery. All 35 pieces are lovely, but the horse my aunt owned is my favourite.
5. Anything with unicorns (any horse-shaped thing really), dragons or big cats.

Name five things you hate

1. People that are cruel to animals. With the exception of our current pony, all our animals are rescues. Three of our cats came right off the side of the road where some sod had dumped mother and kittens in a box.
2. Liars and Promise-breakers. ‘Nuff said.
3. Being late. It doesn’t matter where or what for. I can’t stand being late.
4. Cold. I feel it so badly. It’s a running gag in my house that I’m part lizard.
5. Housework. Necessary evil, but I abhor vacuums and dusting.

Five other bloggers:
Cheree Smith at Justified Lunacy
Jennifer Lane at Jennifer Lane’s Books
Krista McLaughlin at The Jelly Beans of Writing
Tara Rendall at More Than Fiction
Rachel Schieffelbein at Writing on the Wall

12 thoughts on “Aaaaaaawardssssss!

  1. Thanks. ^_^
    The blogfest sounds like so much fun. I just need to figure out what story and what angle so I can aim for a team. I'm not that good at comedy, so that leaves me three …


  2. Wow!! Thank you so much and congrats on the awards! You're awesome!!!

    Sorry it's taken me a bit to reply; I've been crazy busy with kid, school, work stuff. Can I just write for a living please?? 🙂

    Thanks again!


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