Introducing …

Name: Ivan
Story: The Unborn Trilogy – Crimson Night/Silver Moon
Status: Peasant

Son to the blacksmith, daughter to the woman who’ll inherit the inn. Ivan is a young man with the grand dream of going off and fighting monsters. He wants to save the day, win the hearts of fair maidens everywhere and all that. Too bad he can’t handle a sword properly, the only monster nearby is also his saviour. And when it comes to fair maidens, he’s gonna get his arm broken if he touches her. Then there’s the more interesting, exotic rival for her attention …
Ivan does try to be brave and learn what he can from poor Herald – the Main Character – who’s got way too many things on his mind to be anyone’s mentor.

I love his hair. I can’t help. ^_^ Should’ve given him a smaller weapon though, I cannot stop thinking he’s going to slice off a body part.
Could you handle having him come to your rescue? Do bear in mind that he’s not going to be all that successful. You might have to save him. >_>

4 thoughts on “Introducing …

  1. I don't think I could handle him coming to my rescue, my tongue would seize up and my mind would go blank!!! LOL! Thanks for following me by the way!!


  2. *snicker* As a distressed damsel, he ain't gonna be my first choice.
    Consider this: while trying to rescue you, he stumbles over a rock, trips on his scabbard and then ends up flat on his back. >_> Somebody, ought to take that sword off the boy before he hurts himself.

    Now his rival … he can at least hold his own in a fight.

    And hey, thanks for following back. ^_^


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