Blogfests: July and Onwards

This is going to be quite a busy month for me. Okay, all my months are busy.
I’m meaning blogfest-wise.

First up for my July Blogfest, is the Buccaneer Blogfest (most of July and part of August really). Hosted by Sharon Bayliss and Courtney Young. Those who’ve signed up will be posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday all July long.
Here’s the sum-up:

Intro Week (July 9 – 13)
(July 9) Introduction: Tell us a little bit about you and your blog. Post the sign up linky for this blogfest in your post. Include your other social media links so we can follow.
(July 11) Why you did you start blogging? What are your goals for your blog?
(July 13) Interview the person signed up below you on the linky and post that interview.
Work in Progress (July 16 – 20)
(July 16) First paragraph of novel or WIP
(July 18) Character interview
(July 20) Share your light bulb moment with us. How did you come up with the idea for your WIP?
Reading (July 23 – 27)
(July 23) What are you reading? What books are on your shelf?
(July 25) Favourite authors and why?
(July 27) Recommend or review a book of choice. Tell the interwebz why you love it!
Final Countdown (July 30 – August 3)
(July 30) Social Media: Share your feelings and opinions about social media and it’s relation to writing and reading.
(Aug 1) Host a giveaway using Rafflecopter or a similar tool. If you don’t have anything you’d like to giveaway, we’d be happy to let you post the Rafflecopter form for a CQ sponsored giveaway.
(Aug 3) Reflection post: Share your experience from this blogfest. What are the next steps you want to take with your blog?


During the Works in Progress week, I’ll also being participating in the Hookers and Hangers Blogfest, hosted by Cassie Mae, Hope Roberson, Jade Hart, Kelly Lyn and Jenny Morris at Falling for Fiction. That is to say, on the 16th I’ll be posting the first sentence of a WiP. And on the 18th it’ll be the last sentence of the WiP.
I’m not yet certain which story I’ll be using as they’re all so very tempting. Will it be Golden Dawn? The Rogue King? Dragon? Or perhaps the incomplete Dark One’s Mistress?
Be here on the 16th and the 18th to find out. ^_^

THEN, as the Buccaneer Blogfest winds down, I’ll be getting revved up for the WHAT IF …? Blogfest. Running the week of the 13th to the 17th of August.
For this, I’ll be taking a fairytale and making a slight adjustment to it. And all in 300 words. I can do that. I think. I’ll certainly give it a shot.

And it’ll belong in one of these four categories, judged by a particular host:
Plot Twist – Cassie Mae
Comedy – Mark Koopmans
Tragedy – Leigh Covington
Love Story – Morgan Shamy

Don’t ask me what team I’m heading for, I’m not even certain what story I’ll be using. All I know is, I’m not that strong when it comes to comedy or plot twists.
So to do a love story or a tragedy … hmm …

9 thoughts on “Blogfests: July and Onwards

  1. Thanks for the link to the Buccaneer Blogfest, I've just signed up. You're the poster above me, so I guess you'll be interviewing me on July 13. 😀

    I've also signed up for the other two blogfests you mentioned, so I guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other around the blogosphere.


  2. Oh yeah, I'm not even sure what team I'm headed for on the “What If?” blogfest. I have a few ideas, but nothing nailed down yet.


  3. Ah! I've never interviewed anybody. Ever. Oh dear. Oh dear.
    Well, we all gotta do something new sometime. ^_^ Do forgive me if I come up with some sucky questions.

    I don't even have an idea for the 'What If?' Blogfest. It's 300 words. So I guess I'll be winging it.


  4. I'm heading to Cassie's team for the “What If.” Twisty plots are my friends (I sort of like to watch them squirm).

    And holy schmoly you're going to be busy with your blog fests!


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