Introducing …

Name: Coug-Our
Story: The Rogue King Saga – The Forgotten Queen
Status: Dark Born Bond Mate to Evalka

Big kitty. About as big as a horse, kitty. That’s a lot of cat food.
I’ve no idea where I got the Coug-Our, which is both her name and species seeing as she’s the only one. Kinda. Sorta. Somewhere along the road I decided to give her a child. Immaculate conception style.
Probably a good thing then that she doesn’t actually interact with the characters in The Rogue King Saga itself, instead taking a more curious, observing role.
She’s also just about the only non-god Veng – the Main Character – wouldn’t take on in the story. Boy may have some anger management issues, but he ain’t a fool. Those fangs have got to be at least as long as his forearm.

Ugh, she looks horrible lightened. But black does not stand out well.
Why does it feel as if 99% of my Dark Born are black? They’re not. Okay, 55% are, but the one’s that aren’t? Not quite as many of them floating about (literally in some cases).

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