Buccaneer Blogfest – WiP

A new week, a new focus for the Buccaneer Blogfest. This week: Works in Progress (or WiPs if you like). First up: I’m meant to post the first paragraph of a novel/WiP.
It is always hard deciding which one to post. It’s like choosing a favourite author and forsaking all others (we’ll touch on that next week ^_^).
But since I’m doing Golden Dawn for the Hookers & Hangers Blogfest (click to see if you here for that), I thought I’d treat you to the first two paragraphs of Anubis’ Handmaiden, taken from the prologue.

Blackness filled the room. An inkiness which could only be fashioned by many tons of stone. The smell of incense and embalming fluid hung in the dead air like a water-heavy log in the river. Their fuel already reduced to smouldering fragments, the last of the burners snuffed out.

Through the darkness he walked, footsteps mournfully echoing along the passageways, yet a subtle sureness threading into each stride. He skirted the sarcophagus sitting proudly in the middle of the room, its equally conceited inhabitant having already gone on to Duat. By now, the man would’ve passed through the fifth gate to Aaru.

Prologues not your thing? Fair enough. Here’s the first two paragraphs of Chapter One.

Silence hung over the museum like a shroud. Darkness stalked the rooms, cringing at the approach of torchlight. Weak and pale in the oppressing night, it slid over the mummified remains of some unnamed man, seemingly absorbed as it passed by the giant statues of gods and men.

Swung this way and that, the light glittered upon the glass cases, halting as one caught the eye of its holder. Footsteps, muffled but still loud in the enforced quiet, echoed softly across the room. The object within the case shone.

Give you one guess where you’ve been plonked in the first section, then you can see what other people have written for their WiPs’ first paragraphs.


10 thoughts on “Buccaneer Blogfest – WiP

  1. I'm trying to catch up on the Buccaneers and Hookers, so I'll be commenting on all the above post!
    For this WIP paragraph, all I can say is that I am completely pulled in and you are an amazing writer!


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